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 News 2005:

 These pages are dedicated to audio staffs (like Buzz / Psycle - czech manuals and links). Enjoy :)
 Tyto stránky jsou věnované audio aplikacím, zejména Buzz and Psycle a jejich českým manuálům.

    23.10. -Updated actual Buzz index.txt !!!

    01.10. -Buzz-like trackers status:

    Aero Tracker - by Harcoonan, paused
    Buzzle - by Hotkey, very active, unstable betas
    Cockslap - by Paniq, active, beta, nice GUI
    Halfo - MMAMS - by Halfo, Hal Dreamer, first beta
    Nakalyne - by Cyanphase, alpha passage
    Psycle - by Psycledelics, Buzz not supported, good VST, very active and stable!

    01.09. -Do not forget for buzzmusic :)


    01.12. -I had a coffeebreak, but I carrefully watched situation over Buzz,BuzzLe,(Free)Psycle and Aero.

    01.07. -New link for Buzzle www.buzzle.de

    01.06. -Don't forget a link to AEROStudio www.ioneo.com

    01.05. -Updated MP3 player XMPLAY 3 !

    01.04. -April :)

    12.03. -Updated actual Buzz index.txt
    10.03. -small page for Buzz buzzle.spr.at

    18.02. -Preparation for very big pack (packs)..

    10.01. -Fixed and updated actual Buzz index.txt
    01.01. -Happy New Year 2004!


    18.12. -Download KooPer's 1111 templates pack v.05 (12/03) !!! (10 MB)

    10.12. -Updated actual Buzz index.txt
    03.12. -Buzzmachines.com is back.

    25.11. -Preparing for Xmass surprise..

    29.10. -New source for .bmx tracks: buzzmusic.wipe-records.org
    16.10. -I put some of my MP3 on old cbj.mysteria.cz, enjoy them.
    05.10. -Alpha of AeroStudio with VST support.

    26.09. -Second alpha of AeroStudio is out and it looks good.

    25.08. -Programming is updated.
    15.08. -Short interview about Buzz on scene.org.
    10.08. -Buzz News added to links.

    28.07. -Updated MP3 player XMPLAY 2.7 , check nice MP3 playerApollo.
    22.07. -After long delay I updated Index.txt (!!), and partially I have prepared next templates pack:)
    21.07. -Try chordwizard, btw. Namdans has good songs.
    20.07. -MidiWrapper by usr is updated, I have index.txt with these machines.
    19.07. -Yeep, Psycle 1.7.4 with next improvements has been here, good work boys")

    20.06. -Polac bugfixed the best VST adapter for Buzz.
    18.06. -Overloader is now public, tnx Cyanphase.

    28.04. -Polac finished the best VST adapter for Buzz.
    13.04. -Buzzscript is open-source on source-forge.
    06.04. -My music is updated, next several songs will be added soon.
    05.04. -Aodix is going to be commercial so in the bottom will be shortcut to buzzformat.com :)

    13.03. -Another pack: buzz machines documents .
    11.03. -Next present: updated 850 templates pack!
    08.03. -Programming has own place, I am going to expand it :)

    21.02. -BUZZ MiniPack is updated, it takes 3 FDs, hard to select the right machines (Guru5 is detuned...).
    06.02. -I forgot for nice XMPLAY.
    01.02. -Another Buzz related site buzzformat.com.

    01.01. -Happy New Year!


    28.12. -You must try improved Psycle 1.7, it smacks very good :)
    22.12. -Present: I've updated 700 templates pack!
    20.12. -Visit great DJLaser's buzzxp.com and Buzzscript pages for Overloader 1.5.
    01.12. -Due problems on hosting server I lost data for downloading. Be patient till I upload them.

    22.11. -Ekral made nice site- ebic.czweb.org for Buzz indexes.
    18.11. -Sorting alpha machines and wrapped generators in index.txt has been started.
    14.11. -Oskari has made VSTBuzz plugin launcher. And check AODIX link below.

    28.10. -First pack of Buzz templates released! You can download it here: kooper-500_buzz_templates_v1.rar
    26.10. -Oskari has updated XDSP. Check nice VST builder Synthedit.
    16.10. -My old pages on KOOPER.HYPERLINK.CZ and KOOPER.HYPERLINX.CZ will be erased in 14 days :)(buzz.hyperlinx.cz)

    16.09. -Max Lilt made manager for new presets for Buzz machines.
    15.09. -Usr wrapped some Buzz generators, here is test pack, also I updated Index.txt.
    10.09. -Psycle 1.66 is out ;)
    05.09. -www.buzzbmx.tk is a new place for links to your bmx songs!
    02.09. -Quest book should be OK.

    27.08. -Oskari has released XDSP free audio processing library for Buzz and VST.
    19.08. -Chords4buzz is going to off-line. Added another Buzz Groups to Buzz links section
    13.08. -Buzz Script combinated with Cyanphase's Overloader 1.5 is good advantage for Buzz. Waiting for Overloader 1.5...
    02.08. -BeetleBomb made changes and fixes in original Buzz.exe, but here you can still download Stygmate's fixed version.

    22.07. -Polac made another VST loader for Buzz. I rewrited - Buzz quick start in Czech Buzz manual:)
    20.07. -Oh, look at the first released thing of Rebuzz project ;)
    07.07. -New design of my sites! You can see it on HTTP://KOOPER.HYPERLINX.CZ !!!!!!!!!
    01.07. -BUZZ MICROPACK updated, it's hard to select optimal machines, if I want to keep only 2 FDs.

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